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I want to share this video where Stephen Krashen, an authority on second-language acquisition, demonstrates what comprehensible input is. And he explains that it’s the only way people acquire a language – we’ve tried everything else!

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There are at least three different new year’s celebrations in Thailand, including the first of January, Chinese New Year, and Songkran, the actual Thai new year, in April. Here are a few pictures from the January 1st celebration at temples, and also at a bar.

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Life in Chiang Mai is good. Not perfect – nothing is – but we like it here… There’s a reason this city is a hub for digital nomads. It’s easy to find good accommodation at reasonable prices, the food is awesome (who doesn’t love Thai food!), fresh fruit is plentiful and inexpensive, the city has a laid-back feel, the narrow streets are filled with tropical trees and flowers, there are beautiful temples everywhere, and the cats tend to look happy, which says a lot about how people treat them… :) I’ll let my pictures speak!

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So while living in Thailand has lots of advantages, one aspect that can be annoying is the visa issue. Residents of Thailand have to leave the country often in order to extend their stay in the Land of Smiles. We did just that last weekend: a day-trip to Myanmar.

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People learning French often say that sentences sound like one long word. How do you know where one word ends and another begins?

The big reason for this is the linkings called “enchaînements” and “liaisons”. These are not only normal, but actually required in French. When a word begins with a vowel sound, if you haven’t done an “elision”, you will normally do a “liaison” or an “enchaînement”. This means that a word that starts with a vowel, such as “ami”, will actually start with a consonant sound.

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I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up on my blog, and I’ve also added a new page, Travel, for a quick summary of this important part of my life. I really enjoy sharing my travel pictures, and I hope you enjoy them too!


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