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Memories of Shanghai: Food

So I have some free time during the holidays and I’m looking at old pictures… I thought I’d share some because they’re interesting, despite being really bad quality pictures. I took those with my cellphone about 10 years ago, during various restaurant outings in Shanghai. It’s amazing to see how quickly things change: I still take pictures with my phone, except now they’re really good quality!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites, mostly Hunan and Sichuan dishes. Yes, they’re really spicy! More or less in order, you can see:

  • la zi ji” (辣子鸡), small cubes of chicken on the bone – dig for them in between the chilli peppers!
  • “ye nai” (椰奶), a can of coconut milk, to help cool down the heat of the chillies
  • delicious hot and sour green beans
  • “yu tou” (鱼头), hot and sour fish head, way more delicious than it sounds
  • suanni huanggua” (蒜泥黄瓜), a cold appetizer of cucumber, full of garlic and vinegar
  • fish soup, maybe “shui zhu yu”
  • “qing cai” (), sauteed leafy green vegetables – I love the fact there’s a word for that!
  • chou doufu” (臭豆腐), deep-fried stinky, fermented tofu cubes
  • gan guo” (干锅), also called dry hot pot, this one with crab.

There are many more dishes I’ve loved in China, but these are the only pictures I’ve found so far… Enjoy! 🙂

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