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Winter in Seoul

It’s been a long winter and I’ve been busy! Here’s a long post with lots of pictures to make up for it… Thankfully, winters in Seoul are shorter and milder than in Montreal, with very little snow. The sun shines, the sky is blue, but still, the Siberian wind is really cold! I don’t take nearly as many pictures in winter because I just don’t go out as much, but we still managed to visit Chuncheon in November, Daejeon at Christmas, and Fukuoka over New Year’s.

Here are some pictures of Seoul I took over the last few months.

  • First, some views of the streets and river. I caught the snow on camera once, and there was an interesting ice skating rink in Gangnam. The beautiful street art (except for the pizza one) was in Seongsu-dong, which is now a “hipster heaven“:

  • I also visited Jogyesa, the largest Zen Buddhist temple in Korea, right in the center of Seoul:


  • What do you do when it’s cold? You eat! By the way, Gontran Cherrier (first picture) is an excellent French bakery. Here are some interesting supermarket pictures, along with some awesome restaurant meals:


  • And finally, a few random pictures – the gorgeous painting called “Irworobongdo” (Painting of the Sun, Moon and the Five Peaks), the mosque in Itaewon, samba drumming on the street, the new “Gangnam Style” sign, roses for Valentine’s Day, and the beautiful old Seoul station:
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