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Christmas in Daejeon, South Korea

On Christmas Day, we didn’t have anything to do, since we’re far away from our families in Canada… It was just another Sunday, so we decided to take a short trip to visit a new city. We saw that Daejeon was only an hour away by high-speed train: Daniel had never been and I’d only visited briefly in 1996 for an international kite festival, so we decided to go! On the way there, we saw snow in the fields, whereas in Seoul the snow almost never stays. It really felt like winter!

In Daejeon, we mostly stayed around the train station. The pedestrian shopping area across the river from Daejeon yeok (train station) was very interesting! People gathered for pictures around the huge purple Christmas tree, and predictably there were tons of interesting dining options. We also enjoyed strolling through the awesome Jungang Market, also very close to Daejeon station, where we had a delicious kimchi jeon (a kind of Korean pancake) along with a pot of makgeolli, Daniel’s favorite Korean alcohol.

It was cold and rainy, which gave me an excuse to buy a new umbrella – one with my favorite Kakao Friends character, Neo! 🙂





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