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Montreal, Fall 2017

This year, I spent longer than usual in Canada, so here are some fall pictures, after the spring and summer ones! 🙂

I was lucky to be able to attend another talk by Dr. Stephen Krashen, whose research is an inspiration to many language teachers around the world. The first part of the evening was a presentation by Bella’s mother. Bella is a young Russian polyglot, and her mother’s talk confirmed everything I know/feel is right about teaching language to young kids! Basically, she has “tutors” who come play a few times a week with Bella. They interact with her normally, but in their first language. That way, because Bella likes them and enjoys their company, she picks up their language effortlessly…

Here are Bella and her mother at LangFest 2017 in Montreal. Dr. Krashen’s presentation was entertaining as usual, and very informative. Here are his notes: Polyglots and the Comprehension Hypothesis.

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