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Taipei and Houtong Cat Village

Here are my last pictures of Taiwan. We spent 10 days in Taipei, enjoying the markets and exploring different neighborhoods. We also dined at two different Din Tai Fung locations and quite enjoyed their famous “xiaolongbao” (soup dumplings)!

Being cat lovers, we went on a day trip to Houtong Cat Village, only a one-hour train ride away from Taipei. We saw plenty of cats despite the misty rain, and there were cafes selling an impressive variety of cat-themed accessories. Best of all, most of the cats looked happy and relaxed!

In Taipei we visited the huge weekend flower market, as well as the impressive jade market right next to it. No pictures, I thought the sellers wouldn’t appreciate it… At Ningxia Night Market, we tried the “chou doufu” (stinky tofu), which we hadn’t had since living in Shanghai over 10 years ago! It was just as pungent as I remembered it, if not more! 😀

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