Fun and Easy

Helen’s approach to learning French makes the whole process of language learning fun and easy. Thank you for another amazing class. I’m expectantly looking forward to our class next week.

March 2017

Nonjudgmental, Patient, Knowledgeable

Helene was a joy to work with! Nonjudgmental, patient, knowledgeable and VERY generous with her time, advice and resources she shared with me. I learned a very important distinction- language learning versus language acquisition. Learning to speak French at a more fluent level could actually be fun!

February 2017

She Makes Learning Fun!

I only have praise for Helene and probably would have given up a long time ago if I had not started lessons with her. She makes learning fun!

January 2017

Patient and Helpful

Helene was great! She was very helpful, providing very thoughtful feedback and careful evaluation. The lesson was mostly determining my level of understanding and trying to help determine what our goal was for our lessons, and even then, I learned a lot and Helene was very patient, yet very analytic about helping me improve my French.

September 2016

Merci Hélène!

I’m finding all the “story building” has given me the ability to express my thoughts in French much easier and is making it easier to understand spontaneous language. Merci Hélène!

November 2015

A New Command of Spoken French

With Helene’s help, I have been able to make measurable progress in my conversational French. She has a well articulated teaching strategy, and the result has been a new command of spoken French.

August 2015

Mille mercis Hélène

Mille mercis Hélène. Je suis très bien préparée pour les voyages au Togo et à Paris!!!!! Nous allons parler dans deux semaines. 🙂

April 2015

A Wonderful Teacher

I’m writing my feedback in English this time because I want everyone (especially those looking for a French or English tutor) to know what a wonderful teacher Hélène is. The time passes very quickly…

March 2015

Une très bonne conversation

Merci Helene, comme d’habitude, l’heure passe vite pendant les séances. C’était une très bonne conversation. 🙂

February 2015

A Great Session

It was a great session! Helene once again gave me a ton of links that I can use to improve my understanding of Québécois French. It’s always nice to chat and practice my French in a very relaxed and informal way. Merci beaucoup, Helene!

December 2014

Simply the Best

I just cannot say enough about Hélène. Simply the best. Please, don’t use her as a teacher. I want to keep her all to myself. 🙂

December 2014

Je trippe sur nos leçons!

Merci beaucoup! Je trippe sur nos leçons! ))))

September 2014

My French has really improved!

I took several French classes with Hélène, focusing on quebecker French, as I was preparing to immigrate to Quebec. She worked on several specificities of the quebecker French in the vocabulary, common expressions and pronunciation. She gave me several links to interesting resources and we worked a lot with songs, as a way of understanding and practicing pronunciation. In the classes, we talked a lot about a variety of subjects. She always corrected me in a very kind way and showed me better or alternative ways of saying things. I really enjoyed taking classes with her. My French has really improved! She’s an excellent teacher, I strongly recommend her! Thank you for everything Hélène! =)

August 2014

Helene is Tremendous

Helene is tremendous. I just finished my first session with her, and she was not only a very competent teacher, but also a very interesting and charismatic person. In addition to helping me judge where I am now, she also offered some very good suggestions (and very specific suggestions) as to how I can continue to improve. I recommend her highly and plan on working with her on a regular basis.

May 2014

Brilliant and Thoughtful

I have had a few sessions with Helene now and she has continued to be brilliant, particularly as she is so thoughtful in how many resources she provides to support my independent learning in the rest of week.

March 2014

Fun and Easy!

I really like your idea that songs help to learn the language, and I appreciate the work you do by choosing the right songs for me, preparing the lyrics with all pronunciation peculiarities marked!

Helene, you really make learning French fun and easy!

February 2014

Helene Does a Great Job

Helene does a great job of keeping the lesson focused on whatever your goals are and provides useful resources to help you review on your own.

January 2014

Highly Recommended!

Helene is absolutely lovely and immediately put me at ease despite my nervousness as this was my first online lesson. She professionally assessed my level through a little conversation with no pressure and then proceeded to teach me more than I had learnt through months of trying to teach myself. Plus it still felt so conversational and relaxed so I could easily ask questions and she was always focused towards exactly what I had asked for help with. Highly recommended!

January 2014